Think beyond
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Think beyond
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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is each stay?

Our standard plans range from one to three months. However, every plan is custom tailored to your needs, so tell us how long you want to stay——we will work with you.

What services are included in each plan?

Step off the plane and into your fully prepared adventure: your strategically located and completely equipped apartment, WiFi, local SIM card, Native Guru contact, 24-hour online support and much, much more.

What are the apartment amenities like?

Furnished one-bedroom and studio homes combine the amenities of U.S. life with the unique personality of your new LocalBeyond city.

How much does it cost?

Each plan is custom: costs will vary by location, duration, and amenities. Typically, prices start around $3,500 for one month and $7,500 for three months.

Do you provide jobs or work?

No. We provide the location and amenities, but the work is all you.
LocalBeyond is a service intended for people who already have a job, work freelance, or want to spend time in a city with our team as support.
Though there are many job resource sites on the web, we are not one of them.


I don’t speak the local language. Will this be an issue?

No—that’s half of the fun!
We will prepare you with some of the “must-have” phrases before you arrive, but our Travel Gurus have lived and worked in each of these cities without speaking the languages and have had incredible experiences. Plus, your Local Guru is fluent in both English and the local language. Convenient, eh?

What should I bring?

During your pre-departure phase, we’ll coach you through what your essentials will be, and—just as important—what you do NOT need to bring.

Can I bring friend/spouse/child?

Yes, yes, yes. Although if you bring all three, it will be a tight fit. Splitting the costs of your experience between 2 people can create great cost savings and add to the fun!

Can I bring my pet?

We highly discourage bringing family pets. The international flight and transition to the new location is very stressful on our furry friends. We will do our best to accommodate essential service animals, but different locations have different local restrictions. Be sure to ask us ahead of time.


Why should I trust you? Will I be safe?

Our years of experience living abroad and working remotely have given us unique knowledge: we know how to make your transition to living as a local safe and seamless. Add the comfort of knowing our Local Gurus are nearby to help, and you can rest assured that you will have the best possible experience.

Will flights be included?

If your LocalBeyond plan includes multiple cities, we will be making the arrangements and including them in your full package. The Local Guru will even be accompanying you to the train station or airport!
For your inbound and outbound flights, we’ll provide you with great tips and tricks to getting around your new LocalBeyond city, but we find it best for each LocalBeyonder to book their own international flights in order to accommodate individual needs.

Are you a travel agency?

Nope! We are so much more than a travel agency. We are a team of experienced travelers and locals who are here to help you transition seamlessly into your life as a local. Our team members have lived and worked in each available city. That knowledge will be passed onto you!

How do you compare to other services that are geared towards remote workers?

Simply, there is no comparison. We are the best, of course!
In all seriousness, though, the LocalBeyond experience differs greatly from other programs. With LocalBeyond, you are not locked into living a year with 70 complete strangers like other programs. You set the dates and location: your independence, your autonomy, your experience.

Do you offer packages/plans for businesses to offer their employees?

Yes! We love working with HR and management departments to create catered programs specific to your company! Just ask us how.

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