Think beyond
your local

Think beyond
your local

Your LocalBeyond Experience Begins Here!

Our process is simple

Step 1

Complete the information below.

Step 2

Meet us virtually.

Step 3

We create your plan.

Step 4

You review the plan and secure it with a deposit.

  • Personal

  • Understanding the benefits of working remotely can vary dramatically between employers. We are here to give advice and tips on how to present the LocalBeyond Experience as a positive impact on your productivity and the company's bottom line.
  • LocalBeyonders come in all forms. Having an idea of how you will be using your time helps us to cater package to maximize your LocalBeyond Experience.
  • No matter if this is your first experience working virtually or if you do it every day, LocalBeyond will set you up to have a seamless transition to your new city!
  • While we believe the more time you can spend in your new city, the deeper of a LocalBeyond Experience you will have, we understand that the timing is not always up to you. We will customize a package to make the most of your time and have you living like a local.
  • Every LocalBeyond city is selected for a full, rich, and safe experience. No matter if this is your first or 101st time traveling, we promise a rich and new LocalBeyond Experience.
  • LocalBeyond accommodates single travelers, couples, or friends/colleagues wanting to share the experience (and costs) together. Our flats range in size and bedrooms, so knowing the numbers will help us direct you to the right location and package.
  • Although the LocalBeyond Experience includes a lot of assistance in the pre-departure stage, we can occasionally accommodate a quick turn-around if there is an apartment available.
  • Every one of our LocalBeyond cities are selected for the beauty, ease, safety, and workability so you won't go wrong with any choice.

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